Sunday, October 23, 2005

ok, so we didn't move did hell and high water come?

No, it didn't happen, the house wasn't ready and our town had issues with us moviing our stuff into the garage. Actually they didn't have a problem they would have just fined us! So we are staying the weekend at The Shooks and going to a hotel Mon. Looks like maybe the 1st or so of Nov. we may move in. Our contractor is doing some awesome custom stuff, so we want it to be great so we are just trying to relax and enjoy this time! Sometimes harder than it sounds. But we are all doing good. What more can you ask for? In a short amount of time we will be in a new home - so I have no complaints. Hope all is well with all of you too!!

This is John being a boy - like the expression on his face? I told him not to get dirty! yeah right! Grandma Pris takes him on Tuesday to story time or to play at the cmu center near there home.... so he is playing at the center.

Here is Dad and Josie - aren't they cute - dad out whitted mom this time and has been secretly teaching Josie to say "da da", so that is all she will say - no "ma ma" yet! Darn he got smarter with this one!

This is John at Grandma Mary's house..... click on the pic to see his face too cute!!

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