Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just a little prick

Josie had her nine month appt. today, there are no official shots for this appt (vaccines) but since I wanted her to get the flu shot, they gave that to her. The told me they typically test to see that the babies are not anemic at this appt as well. Why they are testing I don't know - but I went along with it (Nora, don't give me that look!!!!!) so we went down to the lab for the finger prick. All went well, as well as can be expected when you take a perfectly happy baby prick their finger and then squeeze the blood out of it! So they get the desired amount of blood, and put a bandaid on her finger. I think to my self, I wonder if that will stay on. Grab her up and gather everything else up and head to the car. Half way to the car I look at her and realize she is drooling something looking like blood - its a mixture of spit and red stuff. Oh crap! She ate the bandaid. Have a small panic attack stick my finger in her mouth, after dropping diaper bag and purse, to ge tthe bandaid out. The girl has some great teeth now (six to be exact!) so she chomped on my finger before giving up the bandaid. Now she is just bleeding. For some reason her finger bled better after we left the office then when the were squeezing it - go figure. Now you can't really hold a 9 months old finger to stop the bleeding so - I did my best and have blood droplets all over her clothes (not too many) but then I got irritated after I got her in the car. Is that the best solution they can come up with after all these years of technology is a bandaid which slides off? ugh. Sometimes I think we have advanced very far as a civilization, other times not.

She is happily sleeping now - no permanent damage. lol

I forgot to mention at her 9 month appt. she is 28" long in the 50% tile for heighth and 17# 2 oz and in the 25%tile for weight, it seems my big girl has now shrunk!

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"The new Worship Pastors" said...

I loved this story Em, I can see me doing the same thing. Dropping everything in the middle of the parking lot to fish out a band aid. LOL! I am glad that everything turned out well. They should have used that tape like stuff they they use when a baby has an IV. They put that on Grace when she was a week old and they checked her iron level.