Friday, April 25, 2008

Who is this person?

On Wed I woke up at 5:30 and went to my 6:00 am running class. I was dragging a bit as I started out but quickly got into my chugging along pace.
I felt great when I got home so I thought let's go to the gym, got the kids fed and ready and headed to the gym. Ofcourse I know all the trainers at the gym, I work there after all and may I add they are all extremeley friendly and helpful. I get quite a bit of free advice, tips and training techniques from them so it is very nice to work at the gym. There is this one trainer who has quite an impressive personal trianing resume, so I tend to always ask him my questions, well he was on one of the stair climber machines when I got there (the gym only has two) so I got up on the second one and thought ~ I can hang with him! So I start out and fiddle with the machine until I can get it about the same pace he is on ~

I don't know if anyone else does this but I always run /work out faster and harder when there is someone right next to me!

So I am taking on the trainer if you will. After a 1/2 hour over 125 flights of stairs I am dripping from head to toe with sweat but I am smiling, I am keeping up! A half hour was all I planned to do, but I can't stop now, I have to go longer than him! Five minutes later I decided that he has won and I reluctantly get off the stair climber and and spray it down (yes you are suppose to wipe off the machines after you use them - it is gym etiquette and just plain gross if you don't!) I hang my head and walk over to do my sit up routine. He won. But then alas a positive thing happened - he got off the machine right after I did! So now I feel pretty darn good. Sure he was probably at a higher setting I was level 6 not bad for the stair climber for me... so I wonder what level he was at? I didn't have the nerve to ask... I hung with the trainer on my second work out of the day - not too bad, eh?

Then I went to a bike handling class to round out the evening!
I burned a total of 1500 calories - on my 3 workouts - according to the HR monitor! I was feeling pretty good. The best part, I was only a little soar the next day.... woo hoo.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I do that sometimes at the pool. If someone is swimming in the lane next to me (vs. whatever those old people do in the swim lanes...swimaerobics or whatnot) sometimes it motivates me to kick it up a notch...

tans said...

"a little sore"??!! i think i'd have been in traction for the following week.

you're a superwoman!