Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Great Grandma Jo

I got quite the suprise today - an inheritance if you will. Not the kind of inheritance I was expecting at all. My mom and dad just came back from a long road trip, they visited many relatives and sounds like they had a great time.

Josephine our daughter is named after my grandmother, Josephine "Jo" My mom brought back a painting of my grandmother "Jo"

Now I must say the picture has some unique qualities. I will tell you the suprise it has later. But when you first look at the picture (hand painted may I add) it sort of looks like one of those paintings out of a scooby doo cartoon. You know the pics that the eyes follow Scooby doo around the room, as he walks. That is what this painting reminds me of. It is not a horrible painting by anymeans - It is a pic of my grandmother after all - she was a small petite woman devoted to her faith - I think it was done when she was around 50 years old. Grandma 'scilla gave it to Josie, with a bit of a grin on her face. Ofcourse I couldn't put it up anywhere but in josie's room because it is her Great Grandma Joe! "Grandma scilla told her that, it goes in my room, mom" says Josie. She is now as I type singing a song she made up about "Great Grandma Jo!" I had the perfect spot for it - but alas it is hanging in Josie's room. It has only been up for a little bit of time, but she is taking time out to talk to her Great Grandma Jo on the wall.

The suprise you ask - what is the surpise? There was money hidden in the painting!

Nah, just joking, that would have been a great story eh? Actually the surpise is this - the painting was done by Zorro's daughter. OK the guy who wrote the Zorro stories., Johnston McCulley. If you are asking who Zorro is, or don't know the Zorro stories - you are too young to read this blog! The painting actually has on it the famous "Z" mark that Zorro made, I kid you not it really does! Some pretty fun stuff here....

Thank you to Aunt Laura and cousin Holly for thinking of us with this painting. I will be thinking of something I can say thank you with, keep your eyes peeled for something fun.


Marcie said...

I laughed about the Scooby-Doo comment! That was classic! Kinda like the show!
I wish there was money on the back because then it would have made a great Nancy Drew Story too....classic.

Alan said...

Emily! This is your cousin AL in Denver.

I grew up with that painting of Grandma in my house growing up in the 80's and 90's. I only knew Jo years later, and so I think it took me many years before I accepted that person in the painting as my sweet Grandma Jo. I truly think it was that scooby doo "eyes follow you around the room" quality that you mention that kind of kept me away from it as a kid :)

Now, it makes me love that painting even more....I'm glad the Northwest Keeley's can enjoy it now!

Can't wait to meet Josephine someday!

Take care,