Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Challenge for you all!

Hey mom's out there! I have a challenge for you and your kids

A Marathon! 26.2 miles

Now before you freak out - read this!

Over the next 26 weeks, I want your kids to undertake a challenge of epic proportions, A Marathon. I am taking on the challenge of running a full marathon in October, I want you and your kids to join me on my adventure of running a full marathon. I am asking you and your kids to walk or run 1 mile a week.

This weekend will mark 26 weeks until the marathon in October - so every week you and your child(ren) would walk or run a mile, at the end you will have done a marathon!

What is a Marathon?

In ancient Greece, Phidippedes ran from the plains of Marathon to Athens to report about the Persian War. That is where the marathon got its name. Thousands of years later, people still run, but now they do it for fun.About half a million people run marathons every year! People who run marathons train a lot. A marathon is 26.2 miles.

Why participate in this challenge?
· it's a great way to have fun
· kids emulate their parents, get into this make it a family outing
· running and walking makes you physically fit
· you can run or walk anytime and anywhere
· you don't need special equipment

Not sure how far a mile is? Well when you are with kids if you walk for approx a 1/2 hour you will have gone about a mile!

I am actually starting this challenge this weekend at our church ( I am one of the children's directors) and waiting on approval to do the program at my work (wrk part time at a gym in the kids care)

So let me know if you are in - if you would like to do it let me know and I will send you a run - o- meter.... I am also working on prizes for the kids! I am thinking medals, I have seen them before just have to find them... and yes I will send medals to you and your kids!!

I started "racing" with John and Josie and they were just beaming the whole time - so excited to be out "racing"!

As some of you know I am on the Raise the Bar triathlon team, Here is the link to my bio on my Raise the Hope team a subset of the main triathlon team ~ check it out!


Viv said...

What a great idea! I keep the kiddo in local kid's races to keep him encouraged in physical fitness.
i think our family will be in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I did my first marathon last October. It is a wonderful journey!

Good luck, and enjoy your triathlon/marathon training!!

Wes said...

thanks for coming by my place too :-) There is nothing quite like crossing the finish line at your first marathon. All the work, the journey, the pain, the balancing is worthy of the goal. Good luck!!