Saturday, April 26, 2008

A half marathon today!

Quick info on the run today - never in my life did I think I would actually run a 1/2 marathon for my training run. I actually was slated to run 11 miles. But I missed a trail marker and did 3 miles instead of the 2 I was suppose to do, on the first part of the run... Then ran 9.6 miles around a local reservoir, add in the .5 miles from my house to the first trail head (I didn't drive to go running!) And drum roll please, you have 13.1 miles!

I just had to share that - pretty darn cool if you ask me. The best part was I cut 15 minutes off of my first 1/2 marathon two years ago :) All smiles today.

Calories burned: 1720
HR monitor said I was in the zone: 3:01 minute!


Ultra, Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Dear, you can use the aid stations as your own private smorgasborg - but anyone here will tell you don't eat or drink what you haven't tested in training. Aid stations at races have anything from the basic (water) to the buffet (pretzles, potato chips, chicken broth, sports drinks, gels, coffee, coke-cola, and, unbelievably: beer and even white lightening. Use your discretion. they are NOT allowed to give you actual medical aid, like bandaids, if you ask for medical aid they have to pull you.

Ultra, Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

PS: If you're even feeling like your on your last legs, and someone offers you an ice-cold coke, by all means take some. It will light a fire under your butt like you wouldn't believe.

bill carter said...

Congratulations on going so far.. that must be a wonderful feeling and not to mention the fact that you knocked off over a minute a mile.

BTW, I cracked up laughing at your post on my blog. You are probably not the first person to make a mistake regarding time and distance, but it was so cool the way you put it in the comments. I just found that incredibly honest and very refreshing.

Best of luck with the training and I have no doubt you will achieve your goals.

Marcie said...

WOW! Em you have truly found a new passion if I do say so myself!
Geez I'm impressed!! YOU GO GIRL!

Viv said...

Awesome, on you mini marathon in the rain, snow & sleet.
The Hoyt Team is beyond inspiring. I saw them on Oprah. Don't tell anyone that I am a SAHM that does watch Oprah..LOL!
Happy belated B Day to the guys!
It looks like your training is going awesome and you will be stellar at the 1/2 in 9 days.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Way to go the distance, and improve your time :)