Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't leave me home alone!

So much talk of the New Kids on the Block reuniting..... Would I go see them in concert? hmmm that is a tough one... Bon Jovi I would travel to go see, seriously.
But New Kids, not so much. Jury is out on this one I think, I will have to hear some of the new music to see if they are ipod worthy. Looking good after 20 years... yeah not too bad.

The new or should we say "old" New Kids on the Block....

What ever happened to Hangin Tough?
I got a kick out of all their publicity - Now back to me and Bon Jovi - I run to their song "It's My Life" each day I run. Really is a great song. It's my life, what am I choosing to do with it? I know "like totally 80's" of me.... laugh if you must but I love my Bon Jovi. Yes if you are wondering all BonJovi songs are ipod worthy! Random post from Em, see what happens when Derrick goes out on a Sat night and leaves me at home... postings of NKOTB and Bon Jovi.


Marcie said... friends & I @ work were having some serious NKOTB talk and I had posted NKOTB is back on my IM. All my young co-workers kept asking, "What is NKOTB??"

Those young kids just don't understand music. LOL!

Andrea said...

That is SO funny! Just the other night I had a dream that I met Jon Bon Jovi in a seedy bowling alley! (What the..!?) I was never into NKOTB, but I was VERY into Bon Jovi, back in the day!

Viv said...

I also have a few Bon jovi songs in the iPod they are great for long runs. Now, NKOTB the should change their name to matcvh their age. My goodness!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)
I will add you to my roll to keep up with you during tri training. I have become a tri sicko lately.