Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh to have power again!

Our power went off Thursday night about midnight. We had our gas fireplace going in our bedroom so we would have some heat if/when the power went out. Well due to the fact we live in the boonies, the power went out. No trees hit the house - Thank God! We had a couple 10 feet from the house but none hit, again thank God! Not sure if I could've handled a tree through the house!

So Friday day we went to Grandma Mary's they had a generator so they had a tv and VCR, and a little more room than us. Our heated room was our bedroom, yes we have a large master but when there is nothing to do in it but stare at one another it becomes small quickly! So we got to watch videos at Grandma Mary's and Grandpa Lou's. Thank you to them for taking us in, we had lots of fun there - and went to a near by park. Brrrr. cold outside though at 40'.

Friday night Derrick and John got to ride the fire engine with Santa to pick up canned food for the local food bank! We weren't sure if they were going to have the ride along due to all the power out, but we finally got a hold of the fire station and off they went for some fun! John was in awe that he got to sit across from Santa the whole night. He would look at dad and whisper "it's Santa"

Let's see Sat - hung out at Grandma Priscilla's and Grandpa John's they still don't have power - but they have a wood burning stove and room to run, so Sat was there turn with the Grandkids. After Fri and Sat with no nap Josie was pure joy! Our bedroom was nice and warm, but the rest of the house was 38'!! brrrr

Sunday we went to church and then hung out over at Angela and Cory's. They never lost power! By Sunday our kids were so tired and exhausted they could barley see straight! But they did pretty good, they had a blast paying with Aundie and Nathan. Thanks to Cory and Angela we got to watch survivor finale. What a treat! We came home and power was on! when one more night of all of us sleeping in the same room and we would've all been insane! lol

happy to have power back .... and room to run and play!

that is our Wind Storm 2006 story!!

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Buford said...

Angela and Cory were awesome. They were so hospitable. Glad you guys came through.