Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Mama!

We decorated for Christmas the other night. John was so cute from the moment we started he kept saying it's Christmas Mama! He would say it so excited that you couldn't help but be excited too.

We decorated everywhere upstairs - the windows too. I realized I had the window stickers since before Derrick and I met! I had never opened them

One of the best decorations to put up this year was the nativity set. We don't have a real big one - but as I took out each person I explained to John and Josie who they were and why we celebrate Christmas. When I took out baby Jesus I told John how this was Jesus and he healed daddy! After all Santa is fun but you have to remember the Real reason for Christmas!


John put a stocking on his head - how I don't know he has a big head - Josie wanted a stocking to - ear muffs were as close as we could get for her!

Since high school I have collected snow bunnies - it is fun to take them out every year and remember who gave them to me!

When I was little I started collecting penguins. I have so many now that I don't even know where to put them all - so all over the upstairs we have penguins. The tree is almost all penguins as well.

I couldn't get John and Josie to stand in front of the tree together so here is John!

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