Monday, December 25, 2006

New Year, New Start, New Goals...

As New Year's approaches I always look at the things I did this year, as I prepare my goals for next year.

Wow what a year we have had....

-- Reuniting with my brother after 21 years.... How do I top that?

-- First cruise taken last Feb/ first real vacation in 7 years!

-- Started training for triathlon, completed first triathlon! woo hoo.

-- Trained (over 200 miles ran in training) and ran in first 1/2 marathon - and finished!

-- Worked out nearly everyday since July! ( little boasting here!)

-- Watched Josie start talking in 3 word sentences.

-- Watched John Isaac develop the best sense of humor!

-- Watched Detrix lifting weights and bulk up (look out future bodybuilder here)

-- Witnessed Derrick fall victim to a stroke in our own home, watched as he fought for life, and then was privileged to see him miraculously healed.

Wow what a year. I am still fine tuning my physical goals for next year.... But I know I have atleast 2 traithlons I want to train and compete in, and it looks like I am going to do another 1/2 marathon... (raising money for stroke awareness and prevention) I think I am a little crazy! But I am more than happy to push my self to do things I didn't think were possible a year ago!

Family life in rewind....
03 John born - has seizure at 30 days old.
04 Derrick loses job
04 house burns to ground
04 daughter born with 2 tumors
05 - fairly "normal" - no huge issues just rebuilding house and moving 5 times!
06 - stroke/miracle
07? Nothing but happiness! In Jesus name!!

Bless you all - - Hope you have enjoyed reading the good the bad and the ugly that comes from life. I am a person that always says what is on my mind, so if anyone is still reading this.... Thanks! Have a wonderful New Year.

Remember - "For I know the plans I have for you."... " plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11-13

If you have had a not so great year - put your eyes on the above scripture - that is for you. Just a word of thought, for you as you plan for the new year.


Anonymous said...

I love your spirit Em! You are just full of happiness & you just can't stop loving the Lord in all the life throws your way. Its like the harder you are hit the more passionate you become. I believe for a blessed year for you as well!!

The Young Family said...

Thanks Marcie -

I have had my time of bitterness and anger... but it doesn't do any good. So I have to look for the positive things. After all we only live this life once, so I would like to try to focus on the positive. I always try to process what has happened. Actually writing on this blog has helped me do that in some ways. Kind of strange how things work sometimes. Thanks for the comments. Em