Friday, December 08, 2006

Ode to the toilet

Not the best post to follow up the last one - but that is life!!

For those of you with kids this post may ring a bell. Especially if you have a boy!

John Isaac will be 4 in March. He is growing like mad and busy all day long. John has a few quirks... His buttons have to be all buttoned up to the top. He was once shopping with Grandma and had her stop the shopping cart, he got out and then straightened all the wheels to the cart! He has to have all the doors closed if we are in one room. OK, so maybe the way to describe it is obsessive compulsive... his newest addition is the ends of the toilet paper rolls. When the toilet paper is getting low down to the end he has to take all the paper off.... well you can probably see where this is going. I had just changed the roll, John went in and well the whole roll of paper went into the toilet! Oh the joys of parenthood. After 3 days and finally getting a toilet snake... The toilet is fixed. Yeah!

Thought I would share our fun times with you all!!


Anonymous said...

Just let it be known that Dad fixed it in only moments. Yup Dad's a rock star. Mr. Handy Man. Thats me. Well ok maybe not. Mom worked on it for an hour before I walked in and became the hero. I have the most handy wife. For those who don't now, I dont have a fix it bone in my body.

Love you babe!

Mackenzie said...

Sweet Emily! You are so patient! I love your stories of being a mom, makes me excited for the day when I have kids!