Tuesday, February 14, 2006

While we were gone the kids got to PLAY & PLAY!

The kids had a great time while we were gone, Grandma Mary kept them going and going! I had to include some of the kid pics. We missed them so much! Yes, I cried when we left them I couldn't help it John looked at me when we were saying goodbye and said, "stay here mama, stay here." yes that was all it took! We had a great time with just Derrick and I, we got to reconnect, that is hard with two little ones, and an older child as well. You get pulled in all directions, so it was really nice to take some time for ourselves. Grandma was a great sport, and we SO appreciated everything she did for us. We knew the kids were in good hands, so we could relax.
Grandma found a big picture book with a picture of the United States and cut out pictures of mom and dad and pasted them to the map to let the kids know where mom and dad were. First in Texas, then out on the water in the boat. It was really a great idea, everyday John could move mom and dad around.
Here is a photo of the kids Superbowl Sunday dressed in their Seahawk attire - yes they were representing! Aren't they just too cute. Yes, we watched the Superbowl on the boat - Derrick and I both had on our 12 th fan shirts! The Seahwaks were JACKED, JACKED I tell you. The officials really screwed up - it is pretty bad when the guy for the Steelers goes on JLeno and says he doesn't think he made the touchdown! JACKED. OK, enough about the Seahawks!
This pic was taken at Auntie Lala's (LavYonne) and Uncle Brad's house in Sequim. Grandma ventured over to their house for some help with the kids, John and Josephine, had a wonderful time hanging out with their cousins. I love this pic, John looks like he is going to pass out! Grandma hopefully got a little rest! Although Josie wouldn't let anyone else hold her but Grandma. Where on earth did this girl get such a strong will from? LOL We will never know!


Lou & Mary said...

Hey Em, could you please put Lou's fish pond pic on the blog so I can copy it. All of the pics that I tried to e-mail myself never made it to me. Thanks ,Grandma Mary

The Riley's said...

What a creative way for grandma to include the kids in your Vacation. Its like John was right there on the adventure with you.(except for the dancing on the tables :)JK) I can't wait the hear more about your vacation. Love you guys! Julia

Anonymous said...

Hi Em-
Your long lost Cali friend. :)

Happy belated BDAY!! Looks like you guys had a great vacation!!