Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cruise pictures

We got the software downloaded, so we could view our pictures from the cruise. So here are the pics.

This is a picture of Derrick and I on one of the semiformal dress up nights.

This picture just cracks me up we are on an island and for some reason there are chickens everywhere. This picture happen to be taken on Key West, but the same was true in the Grand Cayman island.. Why are they just wandering the street? Why did the chicken cross the road, that is the question!

this is one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen, it was taken in Key West.

Derrick and Foster... so close you can feel the love!

This was our boat, Rhapsody of the Sea. Prior to leaving on the trip we did find out that this was one of the boats, a girl went missing on, not too long ago. That was a little strange... however everything went well when we were on it, so I can't complain. Right before we left Royal Caribbean was put through the ringer due to the husband disappearing off a boat in Turkey, then a few younger girls disappearing in different ports. That said many people disappear everyday for unkown reasons all over the world.

This is a lovely picture of me and the blue iguana in the Grand Caymans. The Grand Cayman islands were hit by hurricane Ivan in 03 and are maybe 20% built back up, I was not impressed at all by the town, looked like Tijuana, Mexico very dirty. However the ocean was gorgeous.

Grand Cayman, 7 mile beach, very famous beach, very clear blue water. This is where Derrick stripped down to his speedo! That is right he wore a speedo.... we do have pics! Money talks, I can be bribed to posting them....

This is another funny picture... it makes me so laugh since we ate and slept on the boat (pretty much that is all we did) Derrick and I had to get a picture of ourselves with the chef. This was taken at the midnight dessert buffet. Yes that is what we all need is a dessert at midnight.

Derrick and Foster went deep sea fishing in Cozumel, Mexico. Derrick was the only one on the boat to catch a fish.... he knew what it was as soon as he got eh fish up - it is the fish that killed Nemo's mom! lol you can only know that if you have seen finding Nemo way too many times. It is a barracuda... I can say it I can't spell it! Lets just say Foster was on the boat, but didn't have such a great time.

Even after a week together on a boat with no kids... we still love each other.

Hey look at this Derrick and Foster are still friends after a week together too.... lol

This is Liz and I after the trip - oh wait where is Liz? She literally ran to go get the car! Should I take that personally? OK, I am hailing a cab!


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Looks like so much fun! Midnight dessert BUFFETT? Oh a dream come true for me! :)

The Riley's said...

Air Fare.. $800.00
Seeing D in a speedo...PRICELESS!

I am glad you had fun on your trip. I look forward to seeing Leonard in a speedo on the 7 Mile Beach one day! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a blast although I may be scared for life with the grape smugler shot! love you guys!