Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So about the trip

We went on a 7 day cruise, with our friends Liz and Foster. Derrick and I started off in a hotel the night before we left, partly because of the BIG Windstorm that was suppose to hit, and partly because we didn't know what to do with ourselves we were so excited to go on vacation! We flew To Austin TX where Liz and Foster live, we wanted to see their new digs. The place was great and in Liz's great sense of style it was all repainted, and looked WONDERFUL. Since I have stolen her colors to paint my new house, I now I have new colors to choose from (I did pick out the kitchen color all by my self!) Anyway - we had a great time seeing Austin. It has been 6 years since I had been to Austin, it was like I remembered, a fun and lively town. For those of you unfamiliar with Texas - - the Texan people have a small issue with football. They are football fanatics. So in Texas style - I bought the orange longhorn hat! I will wear it when I enter my first timed running event - More about that later.

Anyway we spent the night in Austin then we got up nice and early to drive to Galveston where the boat was! It would be hard to leave on a cruise from Austin (no water) lol you don't know how many people looked at me funny when I said we were going on a cruise from Austin! LOL silly people don't you know I am a geography major - I know where the ocean is! (sort of)

We were a little loopy on the drive from being exhausted, Derrick and I couldn't sleep in the hotel - so excited to go on a cruise and then out seeing the sights the next night in Austin, plus the time change - we were all sorts of tired and happy on the drive!

We boarded the boat and were off! The first port was Key West FL, then to the Grand Cayman Islands, you know where you have your off shore account, so the IRS can't find your money - oh you don't have one? lol Then we went to Cozumel, Mexico. Let me tell you that Cozumel had the most beautiful beaches I have seen. Just as breathtaking as Hawaii, if not more! Just gorgeous. Liz and I thought about jumping off the boat and staying there. But reality has to set in at some point darn responsibilities!

Everything is included on the boat, except alcohol. So once you are on, you are good to go. We had breakfast most mornings - up in the cafe, it was a buffet. Then lunch their as well. Dinner was a nice dinner with a lovely waiter named Allan from a country I can't spell. Dinners were very good, we had lobster, prime rib, and other wonderful things! Yes the Desserts were great too.

That is a little to explain about how the trip went - I will put up some fun photos as soon as I can figure out how to download them off of our new camera! In the meantime here is some that we had taken on the boat - they take your picture every five minutes -
This first pic is not that great of everyone EXECEPT for Foster, so we had to buy it! This was taken as we were boarding the ship! Take a good look at how white I am - so there is proof that I am tan now (yes I still look pale white but a little darker of a pale color I think!)
This is a picture taken at dinner after the Superbowl, Derrick and I were in Seahawk garb and mourning the loss.
This one as you can guess was taken in Keywest, when we got off the ship - lots of fun!


Cagle Clan said...

Fun times!!!!

Mackenzie said...

wow! It's been so long since I've seen them! Probably since their cruise to the Mediterrainean when I house sat. They still lived here then, obviously :)
Looks like you had alot of fun! Glad you could get sometime away from crazy busy life!
Isn't Cozumel just incredible! I love that area of Mexico! I would move there in an instant (If I had money that is!) :)

Karen K said...

Fun fun fun! Someday Sean and I will go on a cruise and I will eat eat eat!! I can't wait to see the pictures. I sure did miss you guys, but it must've been nice to have Derrick all to yourself (mostly) for a Chaplain's calls, no rescues for friends with vans that broke down with three little ones in it, no calls for set up and tear down, etc., etc, etc.......

"The new Worship Pastors" said...

WOW Em! It sounds like you had so much fun! I can't wait to see the pictures!