Friday, June 06, 2008

Shameless plugs

I have officially sold out! As you can tell I am pretty excited about it too!

Our Raise the Bar team uniforms (Local triathlon club) and jackets have arrived. Some of you know just how cool it is to slip into that new uniform. Last year I was kind of bummed all year cuz I didn't order the jacket, well not this year. Thank you to my brother John (who purchased it for me! Thank you!!) I will be wearing this baby all the time. (I think he just didn't want to have me complain all year long that I didn't order one! They only did one order last year so I couldn't get one!)

We have some great sponsors this year. One of them the Hope Heart Institute is near and dear to my heart because they help raise awareness and also do research to help fight against cardiovascular disease. As most of you know my hubby suffered a stroke in '06. So this cause is very close to us. What is very cool about this organization is that 100% of all donations go into research, your money does not go towards administrative costs. Just an FYI! Pretty cool, huh? They not only do research but they also run many programs to help educate men and women on how to lower their risks of a heart attack or stroke. Anyone can have a heart attack or stroke. There are small things you can change in your life that make a big impact on your chances of a stroke or heart attack.
What you can do...

  • Eat a low-fat diet that includes eight to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, and three servings of low-fat dairy a day. These foods contain calcium, magnesium and potassium - minerals that help control blood pressure.

  • Get regular, brisk exercise - at least 30 minutes most days.
    Lose extra weight.

  • Cut back on salt - About 10 to 15% of Americans are "salt sensitive."
    Limit alcohol - More than one drink a day can contribute to high blood pressure.
    Manage stress.

  • Buy a home blood pressure monitor. This can give you a better picture of your average blood pressure.

  • Ask your doctor about blood pressure-lowering medications if lifestyle changes don't help.

Hope Heart Institute and another sponsor Kagome (this is a wonderful product too! can you say YUMMY, more on them later) directly support the Raise the Hope Team I am on which is a subset group of woman within the regular (We Raise the Bar) triathlon team.... we are a wonderful group of woman that not only want to lose some weight, but also but are finding inner strength while participating in life changing events such as triathlons, 5k's, 10k's, Half Marathons and Full Marathons!

Rest assured from time to time I will talk about the sponsors on here - not because I have to ~ but because I believe these sponsors have some great products, and well in this case are truly changing lives!

One more thing, last night at out team meeting we were all learning how to change a flat tire. Being newer to the sport of triathlon this is a rather important thing to know! I have only changed my tire once, but it went fairly quickly and without too much trouble. But they showed us this tool last night that well, it could change your life! (OK, maybe not change it but make it very easy to change a tire!) It is by crank brothers and is called a speed lever. It is different from a normal "tire changing thing-a-ma-jiggy" how you ask? Well let me tell you it is different because it has this handle that you attach to your spoke (the middle part of your tire where all the spokes meet.) So you just spin the tool all the way around your tire and pop off the tire with one hand. Normally you have to slide the tool around on your own, this new tool guides it around because it is attached! (hope that makes sense) Seriously is a cool tool! (wanted to make more use of the parenthesis) Plus it is only around $6.00! You can't beat that price in the sport of triathlon!

This may be old hat for you veterans in the sport, but if you are new to biking and or triathlon, get one of these!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings... you will see me in my spandex soon ( I know you are excited for that) ha ha ha!! As my friend Julia says "Spandex is a privilege not a right!" I don't know where she got it but it cracks me up each time I hear it.

Another funny note, last night we all changed into our uniforms so they could take some photos - here we are 15-20 woman wearing spandex! Maybe I only thought it was funny ~ but two years ago I would have never done that - and then to know I would be photographed! Too much.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

very cool jacket. the ride we're doing tomorrow is for the heart hospital....hearts are good causes!!

Viv said...

Very sproting jacket!

I will get that tool for sure if it helps. First step, learn how to change a tube.

Marcie said...

I didn't know about that bike thing, but it sounds really COOL! 'Course I'm new to the "bike scene" I'm more like a wanna-be biker. LOL!

I too just bought my first pair of spandex pants since like ohhh 1985. And you know what, they are more forgiving then I thought they would be! Who would have thought!!

Anonymous said...

I love the blue and green colors of the jacket!

Yes, spandex makes me laugh, too...I never would have thought I'd wear so much spandex. Who have I become??

Carly said...

Great Jacket!

I am glad that you have a great sponsor for your team.