Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Full marathon

Let's see this weekend I lived vicarously through two of my team mates that ran in and FINISHED the Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon! Shout out to Teresa and Jessi!! (I will have to ask them if I can post their pics!)

To say that I am excited for them is well, an understatement. They are the first of our triathlon team to complete a full marathon. I am so fired up I can't hardly control myself.

The cool thing is that I am kind of inbetween the ladies in how fast I run. One of them is between 10:50 and 11:30 min a mile, and the other one is about 13:30 a mile. I fall somewhere in the middle at about 12+ min a mile for anything over 10+ miles. What makes me happy is to know that they both completed the marathon, meaning I can too... There times you ask? Jessi 5:15 min and Teresa 7:30 you gals rocked it!!

I think we always see ourselves in other people. Some of you out there in blog land may have thought after reading my rambling blogs, if she can do it, I can do it! Well that is my thought too. If they can do it, then I can too!

My excitement turns to nervousness, I want to be well prepared for the race. I am putting in the miles, and I know that will pay off, but the mental part ... how do you wrap your brain around running 26.2 miles? I don't enjoy driving 26.2 miles :)

I am actually submersed in a book on mental training. For any non runners out there - it is such a mental sport. Your body does what your mind tells it to! "They" (don't you love that? who is they?) say that after 20 miles you physically can do the next 6.2 it is all a mental battle. That is why when you are training for a marathon your longest run is 20 or depending on the program 22 mile run. My program (it is official I have a program - yeah me!how "cool athlete" is that ? )

I will do 2 - 20milers and one 22 mile run.. the rest vary from 14 miles to 18 miles. This weekend and for the next 2 weeks I will be doing 14 miles for my long run.

Wow.... that is a lot of miles!

My point being I know after this training I will be able to do it.... how cool is that? When I first had the idea of running (after the loss of my friend, Liz - I thought I would run in Portland) I wasn't sure if I really could but let's see , after 200+ miles (holy cow 200+ miles) of training... I am feeling ready to take on what I thought was once impossible....

Glad to have you along for the ride. I know this blog has turned into my running blog now, with occasional family photos - but you know I think that is great, as I evolve so do the things around me. I find peace in this new passion. I find running a new outlet, so thanks for hanging with me on this journey.

There is 8 of us that are going to do the Portland Marathon in October. I say "Bring it on Portland! I will be ready"

The countdown timer is ever spiraling down, so my intensity will heat up!

Go run your race, what ever race you choose ~ run it with all your heart!


Viv said...

I am so excited for you full, and your tri's coming up!! I enjoy seeing others set goal and reach them that is what motivates me.

Congrats to your buddies for finishins SD Marathon!

Wes said...

Of course you can run a marathon!! Dee Dee and I took 7 hours to do Disney, and we had a blast!

Some plans are bit aggressive in that they do 2-3 weeks of long runs, then a recovery week. I prefer a really long run every other week. Health.com has some Girls on the Run training plans that are pretty good. You might want to check those out too!

Happy training :-)

P.O.M. said...

I'm so excited for Portland too. I really want to plan a blogger meet up maybe after the race. Do you think they have a beer tent? hmmm.

Getting wrapped around that mileage isn't easy. But once you get your long runs in - over 20 miles, you will see that it is definately POSSIBLE.

I finished the Long Beach marathon in 4:43. I am trying to figure out my goal for Portland.

Anonymous said...

Oh, training for and running a full marathon can be such a rewarding journey and experience!!

You can do it :)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You sound excited to do it. I think that's half the battle!!

Now you just need to go make it happen.

bill carter said...

I love your enthusiasm and that is what it takes to train for and complete a marathon. It is also nice to know that your friends did it and I know you will too.

Portland better be ready for you.

Al's CL Reviews said...

You sound excited. This is why I haven't thought about doing a half-marathon yet. I keep thinking that I don't really want to run 13.1 miles. I'm content (at the moment) trying to run 6.

Good luck!