Thursday, June 19, 2008


This weekend some of the brave, awe-inspiring, dedicated, ever-evolving, truly magnificent, men and woman of my triathlon team We Raise The Bar, are competing in the grueling, life-changing Ford Ironman in Coeur d Alene! (Did I get enough adjectives in?)

I am hoping to go watch next year, I of course would love to do this race some day - but I know a bit of what is involved and I know I have much, much more training and discipline before that would take place. The full Ironman is not something you take lightly. I have been watching these superhuman athletes train and they are amazing!
I say superhuman, because the dedication to the sport of triathlon is nothing less than heroic. (that is why i love the sport, eh?)

Swim 2.4 miles - When I went in for my swim last week in the freezing cold, windy day - I didn't mention that while the four of us ladies entered the water, from across the lake came two lone swimmers - training for Coeur d' Alene. I can't swim 2.4 miles at this time... so it is inspiring to watch those that can!

Bike 112 miles - Again while I have been out riding my 12-14 miles - I have been passed by many on the RTB team that are training for the 112 mile bike ride! The longest ride I have done is 20.... I got a ways to go!

Run - 26.2 miles - OK so I am on my way on this one! I know how much training it takes to do a half marathon, so add 2.4 miles of swimming then 112 mile bike ride, then holy cow a full marathon! Wow, I am seriously blown away people do this all in one day! I know I will finish my marathon in October - (see the ticker on the side it is ever taunting me!! counting down!) I am hoping to finish in and around 6 hours... give or take.. you aren't suppose to set a time goal on your first marathon.... so to think people can do Ironman races in 9-10 hours... truly amazing!

So as you roll off the couch this weekend, think of the superhuman athletes out there laying all their hard work on the line - , leaving it all on the course!

Best wishes to all the racers out there this weekend!!

God Speed Ironchasers, God Speed!!

Our fearless leader Patty owner of Raise the bar is out there this weekend. It is an honor to train with her. I wish her all the best, she is a truly selfless individual that gives of herself day in and day out... best wishes Patty!!


Viv said...

I am always impressed by Ironmen. And, all triathletes who train their hearts out to chase their goals.

BreeWee said...

Aloha EM!
Thanks SO much for the comment... coach gave me an easy day so I am spending time recovering on my bum and walking through Japan town...

I decided to check out your blog... CONGRATS on taking the leap into sports! And as a mom... even more cool!

Totally noticed that you have some God stuff in there too, LOVE it! there are a few triathletes/God lovers on blog world and we all kinda support each other...

I am going to keep checking in on you... looking forward to tracking your progress heading into the marathon! 6 hrs, VERY doable! let me know if you need any ideas!

Best to you, safe training!

bill carter said...

They certainly have my respect and admiration... just running for me thank you very much.