Friday, January 18, 2008

Tribute to Elizabeth

The woman in the room.

We noticed that there was another woman in the room. When news came in that our daughter was born with two tumors we noticed another woman in the room. When the news came in that our house had burned down we noticed another woman in the room. When a loved one awoke from a coma we noticed another woman in the room. When life got unbearable for many we saw another woman in the room. The other woman in the room will no longer be seen, but we now know the importance of just being in the room with the ones we know and love.

We miss you Liz and know you are waiting for us just in the other room.

Elizabeth Brooks

Nov 24, 1977- Jan 17, 2008

Please leave comments of your thoughts, or a fun story for Foster to read. Thank you.


Elizabeth Anne Brooks (Mitchell) passed on January 17th. She was 30.
Liz was a vivacious spirit who loved children, competed in triathlons and traveled extensively. She held her friends and family close to her heart. She will forever be remembered for her love of life and the passion she brought to it.
She is survived by her husband, Foster, mother Rosemary Mitchell, father Mark Mitchell, stepmother Sue Mitchell, brother Ryan Mitchell and her beloved fat boy, Sherman.



Cagle Clan said...

I have looked at this post a dozen times since you posted it Em and have wondered what to say. It just seems so unreal.
Em, I am so sorry you lost such a dear friend, I can only imagine your pain. I am so sorry.
Foster, heart is broken for you...not a second goes by that you are not on my heart and mind. I had a dream about you last night...and in my dream you were OK.. and you were surrounded by people who love you and Liz. That is my hope and prayer for you.
One of my favorite memories of Liz is the night she came over to give me gifts she had bought for Johnny while I was pregnant with him...she was so excited to bless me and was so was a tender moment that I have never forgot. Foster I remember how both you and Liz were so loving to Josiah, you always made him feel so special...that means a lot to me.
My most vivid and recent memory was running into Liz at Fred Meyer about a week or so before you left for your big trip...she was so excited and was so happy to see me and tell me about all your plans. That is how I will always remember Liz...full of life and joy and so totally in love with her Foster.
Foster, if you read this...John and I love you...always have...always will.
Em...Foster...we are here...if you need ANYTHING.

Brent and Danae` said...

My precious memories of Liz will last a lifetime!I will cherish them forever!Her heart was so tender towards children and others.I can hear her excitment as she sees Drew and Hunter giving them kisses and hugs.She was always thinking of others and generosly giving out her love!!She was always happy and excited about life!She had the most amazing marraige to Foster.Only the kind of marraige that people dream about having.Foster gave Liz the best gift of all true love!!
Em I am here for you for whatever you need!!!My whole being is saddened.My prayers and thoughts are with you all!!!
Foster we love you!!!!What ever you need we are here!!

The Kovacevich Family said...

I never knew Liz personally, to my loss. I do know I admired her from afar, as a person whom I saw reach out and take what she wanted from life, living it to the fullest! She was far too young, full of joie de vivre, and so beautiful inside and out. I am saddened by her being gone for us on earth, but she is indeed waiting in heaven. And what a song the angels are singing to welcome her! My sincere sympathy and blessings to her husband and her family and friends.

“When she shall die, take her and cut her out in little stars, And she will make the face of heaven so fine, That all the world will be in love with night.” Wm. Shakespeare

With love,

Anonymous said...

Wow it is still so hard for us to imagine Liz gone. She was such a joyfull, loving, caring, and wonderful person.
Foster you both were so generous to open your home to us and allow our family to stay with you last year! Shaelynn just loved being around you both. She had never been so calm and peacful staying somewhere strange, however the spirit in your house was so sweet! If it wasn't for you both Justin and I may not be where we are today. Just in the short time we spent there we could see all the love and joy you two shared! And we have no words to describe how you blessed us.
The love you two shared was something many people admire and we are so sorry for your loss, Foster! We will miss Liz and just wish we would have taken more time out of our busy schedule to get to know her and you as a couple better. We are praying for you and your family and we know with God this deep wound will heal. We are here for you if you need anything!!

Anonymous said...
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"The new Worship Pastors" said...

I remember one of the first times we met Foster and Liz. We were walking around their unfinished house talking about how excited we were to become neighbors when Foster popped off with the "F" word. I remember that Liz was mortified that he had said that in front of us. Afterall we were pastors. LOL! We of course just laughed it off and I think that Liz had a talk with Foster about it later because we hardly ever heard him say it again. :)
I remember Liz sitting on the bed in my office holding Grace when she was little. Kurt and I used to sing Grace a silly song that calmed her down called "bubba goose" and anytime Grace would start to get fussy, Liz would just bust out in the bubba goose song like nobody was watching.
When Liz and Foster would watch Samara for us we used to joke that she didn't want to come home from the 4 star doggie hotel called the Brooks'. I don't think Samara was ever so spoiled as when she spent time with them and Sherman.
I will remember Liz as the fun loving young woman who loved life and loved her Foster and Sherman even more.
Foster, We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love, The Von Eschen's

Cagle Clan said...

Em, Derrick, and Foster....
Liz's service was such a beautiful tribute. I know Liz was pleased, and she and her life were so honored. You guys each did such an amazing
Derrick, the way you were able to rise above your grief for a moment and honor Liz's beautiful life was amazing. You provided a great service for Liz and her family and friends. It was a precious time. I know Liz was with us as we all said goodbye. You truly honored your dear friend. made us laugh and cry...which both were needed. Your story of Liz running her race and finishing first and waiting for you at the finish line...was so powerful and so true. I will never forget that..the image of Liz running up ahead of us and then cheering us all on from the sidelines as we each finish our own race...and then there to greet us at the end...beautiful. I believe that was straight from God. did such a beautiful job of honoring Liz, I know she was with you. I am so glad we all got to hear your heart and hear everything about Liz that means so much to you. No one will ever forget that. A love like yours and Liz's is not ended with lives on for is not of this is of God.
Foster, I was so glad to hear you talk about how you know Liz would want you to keep living and enjoying life...that is so true. She loves you and would want to see you happy and enjoy the rest of your time here.
For now, just take it one day at a time...maybe one moment at a time. The love of Liz and the love of God will be your strength...let them carry you in the moments you feel you cannot stand.
Share Liz's life with the world by continuting to be full of love, adventure, and compassion....that is the best way to honor living like her.
We love you Foster...we are here...and we will be coming around and spending time together.
My boys loved being at your house.
See you soon friend.

The Young Family said...

I just got back from a run. Before I left I downloaded "unwritten" to my ipod. It was one of Liz's favorite songs. I knew it would be hard for me to run, so many things going through my head. I miss my friend. Nothing really helps I just miss her. We had this connection together. She just "got me" and I just "got her" As I ran today I had a nice long talk with Liz. I let her know that I loved her, I let her know I was angry that she left me. But in the middle of my anger part of the song played that just hit me to the core. "ending unplanned". No one knows when their life will end. It is an unknown. So instead of being angry - I changed my tune if you will. I decided that I will run longer than I usually do, so I ran an extra mile. Why well cuz I can. I have dedided with another friend, Angela to truly honor Liz's life. By doing things that she would be proud of. She lived for everyone else, so I will take that part of her with me. I will take her joy and laughter, I will have that part of her live forever. I will take her sense of adventure, for her that meant to do impossible things, so I will continue to do that ..... I have decided with Angela to run two races this year in her honor. To run a half marathon in May and a marathon in October. The thought of both races overwhelms me. The heartbreak I feel is so real I couldnt run 4 miles today with out crying the whole way - how can I do an 1/2 marathon or full marathon? well Liz thought it was impossible for her at her highest weight to ever do a 1/2 marathon, she worked at it with courage and conviction and accomplished her goal. She took it one day at a time. I will too, one step at a time. Reaching my goal. Please keep me in your prayers as I go through this process, my heart is broke, I miss my friend. But I want the world to know of the wonderful and great person that she was, I am a better person because of her. So as I take one foot and put it in front of the other to honor her through my life. I only hope I can do it justice. It is an honor and priveledge to call her my friend. Em