Sunday, January 06, 2008

Binkie Ferry

Those of you that our around our daughter at all know that she is attached to her binkie. Well I knew it was time to get rid of the binkie (no thanks to the lovely lady that I didn't know who decided to point out that she is too old for a binkie. Yes I had a woman actually stop me and ask how old she was and then go into a whole ordeal about how bad binkies are for their teeth, yada yada, yada... etc. etc. etc. as you can tell I tuned her out. Kindly smiled and said well, thank you for the advice I will take appropriate actions with your advice... well what did I do with her advice... ok I laughed at the poor woman... duh I am not an idiot I know what it can do to teeth. Who really stops people and points things out like that? To me it is up there with the person on the street corner waving a sign saying you are all going to hell unless you repent. There heart my be in the right place but the execution is all wrong! So I filed her with the crazy christian in my rolodex in my head and well went on with my life!) OK now back to my story.....

The final farewell!! Here they are the last we saw of them before the binkie ferry came!

So for a couple of months now we have talked about how the binkie ferry will come and take all her binkies and then leave her a prize. We have talked about it enough that she was more than ready for it to happen. The night of her birthday she was still sick and went upstairs and fell asleep by herself so I couldn't just take it that night! So I waited for New Year's Eve and had her line up all her binkies so the ferry would find them. Lo and behold the binkie ferry came and left one of those big eraser pads you write on. She was one happy girl, and has done great ever since with out the binkie. . . the binkie ferry is great!


Carpenters said...

As far as it "ruining" there teeth. I read on it since Bella really likes her bink as well. It doesn't affect there teeth or gums until they are around 4 or 5 years old. Something to do with the permanent teeth. I read it online at babycenter and in my What to Expect book. I totally sympathize with you though. Sometimes those who are "older" and their kids are grown are attached to what they were told when they had young ones! :)

The Young Family said...

Yeah, I found out about the ruining the teeth cuz John sucks his thumb on occassion mainly when he is tired... but I was a bit worried cuz he is a little older... so I totally understand what you are saying as well. Yeah - people are weird sometimes! Good to hear from you it has been a while, sounds like you are finding Nevada a good fit for you and your family that is awesome! Em