Thursday, March 13, 2008

Running and our life group

So I went to my first running class, at (ahem) 6 am! Yeah for me. Sadly I was stressed out all night afraid I would oversleep, and then I was also just nervous. So I stared at the clock most of the night. I did make it on time! Besides battling the hotlink sausage I shouldn't have eaten for numerous reasons, I did very well at the class. We did timed trials to see where we are at in our running and then later to show how we have improved. We did first a mile run, then just a run around the track. My mile wasn't anything fancy I was trying to pace myself so I didn't run out of steam and I figured out on the last lap I was pacing too slow and could have sped up but I am not used to running just one mile, so I was very awkward at this trial. How cool is that for me to type - I am not used to running (only) one mile. I say that so smiling and laughing because not too long ago I couldn't run (only) one mile! So I am totally laughing as I write that .... laughing in a great way. Typically I have been running more miles to get the distance in for the upcoming 1/2 marathon. Well I know I can't keep up a real fast pace for 8 miles so I have to go real slow but just keep chugging along. So to do just a mile I was at a loss for how fast to run it. The one lap trial I decided to lay it all out there and just go for it... laughing again I can say it still took me 2:45 sec. to do the lap. Not great if I was a "true" runner. But I now know where I am starting and will work on speed work. My goal was not to get over run - by one of the real fast runners in the class.... there are actually people out there who can run a mile in 5 min? who knew? I am proud to say that as I ran my 1 lap - I was not passed by Mr. Fast man! I beat him by 5 sec! Ha take that Mr. I ran the Boston Marathon in 2 hours and 20 minutes! Again who knew this could actually happen?

It was really cool one of the ladies that was at the running class ran for the first time all the way around the track without stopping! Isn't that awesome? I seriously wanted to cry for her with excitement. What a wonderful accomplishment. I know what it is like to start out and not be able to do a full lap, or 1/2 lap.... cool to be there for her to accomplish that!

As I mentioned I ate a hot link the night before. Our life group was celebrating getting through our first book. Pretty cool. We had a pot luck dinner, I was up with the kids and when I came down all the chicken was gone. So I thought I will try the sausage. I didn't know it was a hotlink until 1/2 way through.... whew... when you haven't eaten hot stuff in a while those will knock you right over! For the first time since Christmas I had (drum roll please) real potatoes! Wow those were good too. I didn't go crazy or anything just a taste to get my taste buds all, but OK I will so admit I miss potatoes! Everything in moderation right?

Our life group meets twice a month. I have really enjoyed getting to know the people in the group. We started going a little late in the session, but since we had already read the book we weren't too far behind. It is always nice to see and chat with people during the week!

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