Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pillow fight!

I just came across this.... call me crazy but this sounds like fun! You could get out some pent up anger! I am assuming this is real? I don't know? Should we go down? Em

1535 Pike Pl

Seattle, WA 98101

DATE: Saturday March 29th RAIN OR SHINE. Don't be a wimp ;-)

TIME: 3:15pm

PLACE: Pike Place Market, corner of Pike and Pine.

In the street, in front of the place that throws the fish.

A car will be blocking traffic so that we can safely fight in the street. Because we'll be stopping traffic the fight will be 3 minutes.

Tell Everyone about the fight.

Bring people.

Conceal your pillow

Listen for the whistle (When you hear it start swinging!!)

I'll blow the whistle again to stop the fight.

When you hear it, stop fighting and walk away.

More info on website


Anonymous said...

I am so in! If its not real I will be swinging away anyway.

Lori said...

Do you really thikn they are gonna have this with all the snow? I wanna go so let me know if you guys are going!