Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What a woman! Tammy Trent

As many of you know I am a long time fan of Tammy Trent. She is a "little known" Christian artist, well on her way of becoming "mainstream". I had the priveledge of meeting her in person when Derrick and I had been married for a year. It's funny because Derrick and I got to a peak inot the life that Tammy and her (late) husband had together. We had a misunderstanding early in the relationship, but did get it sorted out. These two were absolutely in love, and just perfect for one another. Trent (She took her husbands first name as part of her stage name) was an amazing man, and before his untimely death Derrick was talking to him about every other week. Trent died while they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary in Jamaica. 9/10 Yes it was one day before the attacks on the US. Tammy was stuck in a foreign country for over a week, thankfully her fatherin law caught the last plane to leave for Jamaica right before the attacks happened. So she was able to have someone there with her.

She is truly an insperation to me, for what she has been through ~ her journey is still long, but she is in the fight.

She is on the cover of Today's Christian woman on sale now. She has two books out as well, both are wonderful books about tragedy and overcoming all obstacles.

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