Wednesday, March 28, 2007

4 years ago today......

Our little boy ..................... turned 4 today!!

The theme of his party was dragons.... so the cake was a dragon cake by Grandma Mary, Thank you Grandma Mary your the best!

He recieved a call from Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toy's R Us thismorning and was all excitted that Geoffrey wished him a Happy Birthday! This is the first year John "gets" that it is HIS day. So today he would say, "Tooo day is MY Bithday, Tooday!" I write out the today part like that because he emphasis the too part. Very cute. We had a little bowling party on Sunday it is our new thing to do after church. The kids love it and it is some fun family time together. So we had a couple of friends come and wish John a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday John. As I always tell him, "You are my ray of sunshine!", " You make me happy, all the time"

Happy 4th Birthday son!

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Marcie said...

Happy Birthday little John!
he's going to be a heartbreaker one day with those eyes Em, Watch out!
I wish him another BLESSED year!!