Monday, March 19, 2007

Sick (and tired) ~ remember that from Bill Cosby?~

It is so hard when your kids get sick. This past weekend (and still now) John and Josie came down with something. Poor Josie couldn't breathe through her nose, and it just ran and ran. John, well he started barking like a seal. For those with out kids it is the tell tale sign of I think it is called croup, I get croup and whooping cough confused. It's a lovely sound, coming from a child literally like a seal barking. So today they were both feeling a bit better. But still not the best. They rested alot today, and hopefully tomorrow will be feeling better.

The fun thing about kids when they don't feel well, is that they want nothing but hugs and cuddles! So I cherish the time spent on the couch!

That is all for now ~ more updates later.

Here is a fun photo from not too long ago~ I think around Christmas, Grandma Scilla (as the kids call her) got a new camera and we were happy to make silly faces for her!


Brent and Danae` said...

I hope John and Josie and feeling better soon!!

Anonymous said...

I love you sweety.
Derrick AKA Husband