Sunday, September 07, 2008

First day of school!

John's big day finally came - First day of Kindergarten!
John and sister waiting for the bus, Josie did a great job of wishing John a happy first day!

Dad came home during his lunch to see John off on his bus.

John loves his sleep, so I was happy he was in afternoon kindergarten this year. Plus it works out with my work schedule, so it is perfect. John was up early and all ready for school 3 hours before the bus came. I had to talk him into eating something, he was so excited he didn't want to eat anything. After looking out the window waiting for the bus to come, (although we have to walk a block to his bus stop, but hey he was more than hapy to look for the bus anyway!) I finally convinced him he had plenty of time and needed to eat breakfast, then lunch, then the bus would come.
He had on all is new favorite school clothes.
The bus finally came, John was so excited. He was the only child on the bus!

I had the big debate on if I should drive him or let him ride the bus the first day - I figured because it was only kindergartners on the bus, that it was ok if he rode to school. He was a little nervous about the bus ride, but really wanted to do it "all by himself". So he got on the bus and then we walked back to the house, and Josie and I took off to meet John at his school when he got off the bus. I did very well, I didn't cry as I drove to the school. I was close to tears, but I didn't cry! (yeah me!)

All the parents were waiting in the hallway - John's bus pulled up and the doors opened, but no one was getting off the bus. The teacher walked out and still no kids gettting off. I had checked out the busdriver so remembered what he had on (nice Freddy Krueger shirt he had on) so I knew it was John's bus. I moved up so I could see the entire bus and not just the door. I see only two kids on the entire big bus, and they are both sitting on the bus together in the same seat! The teacher and bus driver were trying to get them off the bus but they were both nervous! It was really cute to see. John couldn't see me in the hall, so I waited for him to get off the bus and come and get in line with his classmates before he saw me. When he saw me he came running up and gave me a big hug and said the cutest thing, " mom, I missed you so much!" Ahhhhh melt my heart! He had been on the buss a total of 12 minutes I think - but I had missed him too.

sitting down at class.

I had to laugh because we got to his school and you could totally tell which mom's had their first kid going to school, we all looked on the verge of tears. Turns out a gal on my triathlon team has a son in John's class, so I was distracted talking to her so I didn't think about missing John while he was at school.

This is John in his classroom. He was a little nervous at first, but then we found out a friend from church is in his classroom! So John was very happy to know one of the kids in his class.
Love the cheese grin John has. His friend is in the blue.

There you have it, all the ins and outs of the first day of Kindergarten!

If you are following my running:
21 miles this weekend! (I did 21 miles! holey moley 21 miles!)
Over 5 hours - not my best run! legs felt like lead.
average hr: 140
highest hr: 170
calories burned: 3,097


Marcy said...

Awwwwhhhhh how sweet! I'd probably be in full freak out mode when the bus came HAHAHAAA.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Such a big day! I remember how hard that was for me.

I may have mentioned it before,but first day of high school is just as hard if not worse(for Mom that is..obviously not for the kids)