Friday, February 22, 2008

Half marathon - coming up in May!!

So today I did it ~ I put my money down for the half marathon on Mother's day! To me putting money means that there is no way I can back out! What a treat to do something for me on mother's day! It is exciting yet it freaks me out. Although I am feeling really good about this half marathon - I did 10 miles (ran the straight aways and walked the hills)last Saturday and I know I am way better shape then I was last time I did the half marathon. So today I ran my 3.5 miles on the treadmill and it felt good! The training program has begun!

Last week I turned (drum roll please) 35! As Foster says I am now on the back side of 30 - ewww doesn't that just make me seem old? Laughing I say no, I feel better than ever and I am more fit than I have been in a long time. For my birthday from a friend I received a gift, when I first opened it I thought - oops wrong size, I am going to have to take it back! But then I went and actually tried it on - low and behold it fit! I wore today for the first time in many many years (again drum roll please) a size medium shirt! To you skinny people who don't have a lot up top ~ who may not understand the magnitude of this moment ~ this is a major feat for me! (just so you know you tiny people ~ that is not a strike against you, I say that with the long time longing that I could fit into those cute little tops, but my size and proportion had stopped me from doing that) I am re-training myself for my new shape - I can actually wear fitted clothes - who knew?!

Anyway that is it for today thought I would share my two triumphs with you all!!

Maybe I will post a pic of me in my new shirt - sad ~ I know ~ that I would want to do this but I got to keep motivated!

Thank you all for your continued support!


Marcie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! WhooHoo on the Size medium! YAY!

Paula said...

Celebrate the size medium! And Happy Belated Birthday!!

Andrea said...

Way to go!