Friday, September 14, 2007

That time of year again..... Puyallup!

Usually we do the opening day of the Puyallup Fair with Derrick's auntie Margeret but this year she was gone, so I carried on the tradition this time with Derrick. He took part of the day off to spend with us. A quick rest under a tree, it was hot out!
This year Dora was there! Last year it was Jimmy Neutron and Josie wouldn't go near him. This year Josie was such a big girl she sat next to Dora!

The start of the rodeo is on the first day, they had a wonderful area set up to learn all about rodeo life, I loved this pic, just look at Josie's rope!

This truly is a remarkable shot, last year Josie wouldn't even go into the horse barn and she is standing by a large bull. John and Josie both walked up and pet the bull too.

John petting a sheep.


Marcie said...

You know your kids are stinkin cute! I just wanted you to know that!
Thanks for your prayers and support! Oh and thanks for thinking of me when you look at the CFL lightbulb! LOL! I do the same thing w/ objects too its funny!

littlehappyone said...

Did John do the mutton bustin'? My mom wanted Stephanie to try it but I don't think she would have... who knows though, Mel did have her in "Extreme Sports" at camp but I don't think she was too extreme!

Are you running yet? eeks... how long do I have to train????