Monday, August 13, 2007

Fishing time!

Family vacation time! We went fishing again this year - we always have a great time and so many fun stories. The town itself is tiny and really there is nothing else to do but fish. The kids had a great time we played on the beach we went fishing on the boat and just hung out. Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for letting us go out on the boat with them~ we had lots of fun!

We went out to the little town on the Washington Peninsula called Sekui to catch our limit of salmon. We were in luck this year ~ the season was ending in two days for King salmon so we could go after the big fish. I believe that the fish Derrick is holding is a King, I am not great at telling which fish are right species it is actually a bit complicated.

Here is Grandpa with his catch!

Lots of fish were caught. I think we caught our limit each days of "pinks" and then close to our limits on Kings and Cohos. I caught a few "pinks" and one Coho! I caught 3 Kings but I couldn't keep them because they were wild, you can only keep them if they are not wild meaning they have a clipped fin.
Josie on the boat! She had lots of fun driving it in circles, Grandpa and I almost got sick due to the boat doing donuts in the water!

Here is Uncle John on the boat.... he has invented a new way to get off of a boat ~ you throw yourself on to the dock and land on your back, everyone is doing it!

Waiting for the big one! Watch those poles.
Spiderman fishing pole ~ little John trying to catch fish.
Here is Grandma teaching John how to fish off the boat!

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The Riley's said...

So when is the salmon bake???

We miss you guys- glad to hear everything is going good!