Thursday, August 16, 2007

30 years Elvis lives on!

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis (death). Last year I dawned the Elvis suit *with detachable cape in honor of Elvis and my brother John, who is a avid Elvis fan. This year I thought I would post a pic of my brother in the Elvis suit *with detachable cape. Although fuzzy the pic is great, you see my brother only dawns the suit on special occasions. It was his friends birthday so he dawned the suit!

Look at close, he has the glasses on too!

The great thing about Elvis and his music is that it is classic. Uncle John (my brother) has just about every Elvis album and movie out there. Little John who so looks up to Uncle John is now enjoying the Elvis music and he listens to it on his ipod shuffle. He watches the movies with Uncle John and copies the moves of Elvis. I will video it and put it up ~ little John is quite good. Little John has perfected the arm swing that is one of Elvis's signature moves!

I am proud that the love of Elvis is living on in a new generation!

There is a theory out there that Elvis really didn't die, people believe he is in the witness relocation program... while unlikely it is quite interesting that people loved Elvis so much that 30 years later they are still waiting for him to appear. If you would like to dive into that crazy world of conspiracy theories you can! Best of luck!

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