Monday, July 23, 2007

Some weekend fun...

Mom having fun on the motorcycle, it is hard to ride cuz you are so close to the ground. But I managed nicely. I know I am setting a great example, shorts and no helmet! oops
Loveley pic~ look how close to the ground you are!
Uncle John gave little John an ipod. John's life will never be the same! He loves it.

Jammin on the ipod fun.

Our cutie pie!

This is our friend "Scissors" he is doing his best impression of "Frank N Beans" from, There's Something about Mary. It was quite an impression really, scary how good it was!


Anonymous said...

John really gets into his music. Great look on the bike babe. Looking Good!

Kenzie said...

Josie is getting so big! You guys are just way too cute!