Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Are you worthy? Do you know you are worthy? You are!!

Jimmy, Derrick's friend and a member of the Oasis Power Team (you know the big guys that break stuff for fun?!) recently preached about Derrick's healing. I had never heard Jimmy's full story on all the events that led up to Jimmy and Greg (another Power Team member) coming and laying hands on Derrick when he was in the hospital. Very powerful message.

At our church site Oasis Seattle click on The Miracle, the audio file for July 15 ~ What a wonderful message! ~ Let me know what you think.

If you have a few minutes, this is so worth listening too.


The Young Family said...

test, this is a test.

Paula said...


(Long story short I can't access my heyheypaula3 email and I have your address stored there - I'm frustrated!)Anyway, to answer your question on my blog, highlight the person/topic you want to link from, for example "Getty" and then select from the toolbar the "link" (it is a green circle with two parentheses) it is just to the right of the color tablet, you add the http: info and voila!

I hope to get access to my email soon...it's been two WEEKS!