Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tokyo Cowboy

This is a picture of Derrick and his cousin Clinton "Tokyo Cowboy".

Derrick's cousin was in town from Tokyo, Japan. He has lived there for over 30 years, and is an actor there. He does many commercials and dramas on tv. We got to talk to his cousin Clinton for quite a while tonight, and wow he has led quite a life in Japan. Obviously the culture is much different than the US, and well he is a 6'2" white man living in downtown Tokyo ~ he's bound to stand out!

This is Derrick and his cousin Curtis he is aprofessional student and has attended the University of Washington for decades. (Yes he has many degrees and PHD's!)

It was a treat to see many people on Derricks dad's side of the family.

I had to throw a picture of Josie in, too cute she had icecream all over her!


Marcie said...

OHMIGOSH that was so funny about the other guy being a "professional student!" I had never thought of it like that...! (and I mean that in a nice way, not a mean way I swear!)

The Young Family said...

I ran into a couple of people while I was at the Univ. that were professional students as well, I kind of thought of them, as too smart for their own good. Ofcourse there is a big difference between someone that goes to school for years and years to get, one degree, and someone that goes for years and years that has many many degress, and PHD's.

The Young Family said...

oops! typo at the end..... degrees

jimmy hester said...

Hey em, thanks for the comments on the oasis prayer page! You rock, glad to have you on the team!
What is Clinton's last name I want to go see if there is any tokyo television on the web so I could check him out. I think that is pretty cool!

Mackenzie said...

She is adorable!

Wow, to live in Japan for over 30 years, that would be amazing!