Thursday, June 22, 2006

Maple Valley Days

A Near by town, has a parade every year so here are some pics.

What parade is not complete with out the bagpipes! We have a piper down, we have a piper down!

Here is the bloggin po po! (Found in my links!) Chillin in the train.

Here is Grandma and John Isaac waiting for the parade to pass by.

We had a great time at the parade - John was old enough to really enjoy all the stuff coming by and the waving was great for Josie.
Only rough time was when John went running for some inflatables, mom looked down to pick up Josie and John was gone when she looked back up. Literally in a second he was gone... I walked to the other side of the inflatable... no John, now getting little worried.... walking faster, calling for him looking for Derrick... walk by 3 more inflatables still can't find him. By this time I was going into full blown panick! See Derrick yell I can't find John! I am now in panick mode... Telling everyone I know - I am missing a 3 year old brown short hair.... Really panicking. Then Derrick spotted him in the caterpillar. Thank God. All was ok... I swear I had looked in there, darn kid is fast. The funny thing was when I told my brother he was lost, my brother went into stealth mode. Started jogging to the near by play ground where we were earlier... by the time we found John I could see him (my brother) not too far away... but when I went to catch up to him he was long gone... searching the play ground. I finally caught up to him and told him we found John Isaac, and he says," I was trying not to look totally panicked!" It made me smile, he so loves my kids! That is all for today!!

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