Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Well, we received our official occupancy permit on Dec 24th. The permit guy as we call him, new we were living in the house - but we didn't want to fluant it by putting up the tree and all, so we kept waiting and waiting to get the tree. Well went to go get the tree and all the tree farms were literally out of trees and closed for the season. So I desperately called Kelly Gardens, friends of ours own it to see if they had any trees. The picture you see is of our tree - a little Charlie Brownish, but it is all they had left. I think there were two others to choose from - this is what we get for waiting so long! We put it up on a dresser in the living room, so it doesn't look to short in the pic - but it makes me laugh when I look at it, it is about 3 1/2 feet tall!

But we are officially in our new home now - LEGALLY, now! It has been a long road.


Dawn said...

Congrats Em!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas in your new house!!
Love & miss ya!

The Riley's said...

I think its a beautiful tree.....I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. How was the Carosel? I wanted to get down town this year... but with our schedule yeah right. Love you guys.. I sure did miss those rum balls though!

The Young Family said...

Sure rub it in that I didn't get the goodies to you. I am sorry I should put them in the car for tomorrow! So you can eat them and not me!