Friday, December 16, 2005

Look out I have internet access again!

I finally unpacked the computer today and got it going! woo hoo. I have had major blogging withdrawls! Today John helped Grandma Mary many many different kinds of cookies! He is such a big kid and is so helpful. Here he is rolling rum balls in powdered sugar. We wanted him to shake off the powdered sugar after he rolled the balls - but he would clap his hands together and make a "poof" of sugar instead. Grandma and I just thought it was too cute so we let him make a big pile of sugar mess. Look behind John - notice our new deck off of the dining room! We always wanted to do that when we were in the house before - and the fact we got to do it now is so awesome!

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The Riley's said...

I'm still waiting on my plate! John looks so happy... Was he eating the rum balls too! Oh wait thats how he is all the time!!! Love you guys have a very Merry Chritmas..