Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Moving on ....

After 8 years of owning our home in our little town, we are set to move on! We sold our home and will be moving mid Oct.

After Derrick's stroke we both changed a lot and our priorities changed too so we are moving! How can you not be changed by something so traumatic, and miraculous at the same time? We are very excited for a new home to fill with happy times and happy memories. The house we are selling, well represents a lot of painful times for us, so a fresh start is in order!

We move into the new house Nov 1 ~ we will be in limbo for a couple of weeks, so we have planned a family vacation!

Here is the new house: (pic are from the real estate sight, so not our furniture!)
House is 6 bedroom 3.75 bath


formal living room, formal dining (never had a formal dinning I am excited)

family room


kids play room

The back yard has a in ground trampoline, and is adjacent to a park!


Brent and Danae` said...

Wow,that's awesome you sold your house!!!Your new house looks beautiful!!Have a great vacation-can't wait to hear all about it!!Did I hear DISNEYLAND??!!:)

The Riley's said...

yEAH... and you will be closer to me! I ran in to D and the kids last weekend while you were at Bunco and John told me all about him getting to meet buzz lightyear. He is very excited... I told D to let us know when you get moved so we can either help or come invaid your home with all our kids! Love and miss you!

Andrea said...

Wow! Congrats!