Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trick or treat!

Here are the trickotreaters! We are at Grandma & Grandpa Cottons house.

I finally got the pics up the computer at the hotel has been down! So there tjry are! We are getting closer and closer to moving in - we had a bit of a snafu- the carpet guy put in the wrong flooring for the kitchen - he didn't have the one we ordered it was out of stock so he decided to pick one out for us! Not very nice of him! So we picked out new flooring and hopefully it will be in Mon! What can you do? Besides yell at the flooring guy!! oh well the house looks good!
Love ya - Em


Dawn said...

Hi Em!
Hope the pics can be posted. I can't wait to see you cute little ones!!
I'm not sure why but I just remembered when... Little Dowd ;), Brian & I came by your house in college and wanted you to sleep at the lake with us. And your dad almost shot us... not really but we thought he might cuz it was in the middle of the night. ;) You were the smart one & stayed warm in your cozy bed!!! :] what fun times!!
miss ya!!

The Young Family said...

I so remember that!! Wasn't there pics of Brian and Chubby bunny!! I got your post card you and Rich look awesome! I want to see some pics of the new place. Hopefully you can get your blog going soon.

Love ya and miss you - Em